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Who Wins?

The Iowa caucus came to a close last night (Monday, Jan. 15, 2024) with Donald Trump declared the landslide winner setting the stage for subsequent presidential caucuses. It seems that Trumps popularity for next president hinges on the favoritism of evangelical voters who are longing for a limit on anti-Christian rhetoric, religious liberty that includes Christianity, a voice for the millions of babies who are murdered annually in the abortion genocide, and an end to the global warming debacle, among many other issues.

As we press toward this year’s presidential election, I can’t help but wonder what truths so-called evangelicals are willing to swallow in order to live in a country with secure borders, lower taxes, and religious freedom. Is the return of Trump supplanting the return of our Savior? Is a temporal hope replacing our eternal hope? Has fervor for the great commission given way to the presidential position? Or is the answer to all these questions simply that, in general, people who claim Christianity also believe that Trump is God’s man-of-the-hour for such a time as this in our country?

It seems that in some cases at least, evangelicals are holding to a clear distinction between the election and their faith, wearing t-shirts that testify, “Jesus is My Savior. Trump is My President.” Others, however, find it “sickening” that their brothers and sisters in Christ are looking to Trump as if he’s Messiah.

Steve Deace, a conservative Christian Iowa-based talk show host who supported DeSantis, said on social media, “We already have a Messiah to place our hope and faith in. What we need is a president who can manage this place somewhat competently until He returns” ( accessed January 16, 2024).

Whatever your political persuasion, please remember that while politics is always a matter of theology, whether good or bad; theology need not always be political. Vote according to your conscience and when the political race is called, pray for whoever wins, so that when your earthly race is called, you will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Father, please cover our country with your almighty hand. Keep us prayerful. Keep us careful. In Jesus’ name, and for your glory. Amen.

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