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When Enough is More than Enough

We had travelled nearly 1000 miles, swept through the Canada/US border with no issues, and navigated too many construction zones in northern Ontario. It was too early to stop when we went through the last big city with plenty of reputable hotel choices. Now we were feeling tired and hungry looking for any motel that would do for a night’s sleep.

Finally, as we exited a gentle curve of the highway, we saw an illuminated red sign advertising “Motel” a short distance ahead. It didn’t look like much but we saw a few bikers outside like they had just checked in for the night, and the office entrance was bright and welcoming so we gave it a try.

When we got to our room, it looked good enough to me as I checked the sheets and the bathroom for cleanliness. Ron, on the other hand, with his lumberman background, noticed something I didn’t. It looked more like he was inspecting the room for structural soundness than one good night of sleep. Or maybe it was his arthritis speaking, “It’s damp in here,” he said, “Maybe that’s why the floor is wet.”

We both looked up to see water dripping from a large section of drooping ceiling tile.

This would not be good for a good night’s sleep! We decided rather than drive further, we would ask for another room since everything else seemed to be clean enough.

We were given a different room - an “upgrade” - for the same price. This room, while not the best we’ve ever had, like the first, boasted clean sheets and amenities if not clean carpets and chairs.

In the light of the morning, the place showed more of its need for repair and update but it had provided us a good night’s sleep, and a fresh start to our day’s drive. It had met our needs and it was enough.

As the bright red motel light faded in the distance that morning, our conversation centered around how thankful we were for the leaky ceiling that took us from the highway-front room in which we were originally booked, and in which I would likely not have slept a wink due to traffic noise, to a room at the back of the motel overlooking the river where it was quiet and peaceful. It was enough.

Maybe “enough” is all we ever really need to be grateful. And maybe that is exactly what God meant when he said he would supply all of our needs. The extra friendly staff, delicious food, and great night’s sleep, were all according to his riches in glory!

And that was more than enough.

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