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Psalm 145:10

All creation will thank you, and your loyal people will praise you.

As we enter the month of October, we approach Canadian Thanksgiving and also an important date for Ron and I. We chose Canadian Thanksgiving for our wedding date as a reminder to be thankful for our marriage and for each other. I think it was also mentioned that since it is a significant holiday, it would make it easy for us (okay, Ron!) to remember our anniversary! This past month, we had what we believed was the perfect day roaming around Itasca State Park. The sky was blue, the temperature was just right, and the leaves were beautiful hues of green, red, and gold. We marveled at the wonder of God's creation. We even came across a babbling brook which seemed to be singing the praises of its Creator. Today, as I write to you, I look out my patio doors and see bright blue skies with small fluffy clouds dotting the horizon. The trees stand guard majestically over the manmade buildings and cars and I am reminded that human endeavors, as wonderful as they may be, pale in comparison to the majesty of a simple tree, or the splendor of a brilliant blue sunny sky.

We've all heard it said that every day is to be a thanksgiving day. Over two years ago, I was encouraged to begin a gratitude journal where each evening I would write a note which begins, "Tonight I am thankful . . ." That practice, like the leaves changing color each Fall, has changed my life and my attitude toward it. While I have always considered myself a fairly grateful person, to deliberately end each day by noting specific things for which I am thankful, has added color to my mundane tasks, and beauty in places I never expected.

Psalm 145:10 reminds us that all creation thanks the Lord, and that God's loyal people will also be always in an attitude of thanksgiving. This month, I'd like to challenge you to take note each evening for those things in the day just past, for which you are most thankful. It may seems difficult at first, especially on ordinary days, but as you find thankfulness, I believe you will also find new colors and brighter skies and one day you will suddenly discover that the life you once led has exploded with beauty and majesty that God created for God's glory - YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, and every day!

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