What I Can't Do

My sister asked back a day or two

If there’s anything that I can’t do

I had told her I’d like to get an easel

And try my hand at painting a weasel

I’ve pondered the question an awful lot

Because I told her then our Dad had taught

Me there was nothing I couldn’t do

It was simply a matter of putting my mind to

This morning her question hit me again

And I thought, I can’t play a violin!

I can’t play piano, or sing really high,

And I certainly can’t run fast or fly!

I can’t remember like I once could

And I can’t carve a beautiful picture in wood

I can’t run upstairs, and I can’t crochet

I can’t yoga flex, or do a lovely ballet

I can’t cuddle kittens cuz they make me sneeze

I can’t enjoy corn fields cuz they make me wheeze

I used to be able to write really nice

But handwriting now feels like my hand’s in a vice

Oh, there’s so many things I cannot do

But I don’t give much thought to those things, do you?

Think of the fun we’d have just in our mind

If we could do everything all of the time!

July 10, 2019

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