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Ugh. Her's is Better Than Mine

I had never seen my girlfriend’s apartment even though she lived very close to me in the same apartment complex.

This morning, a couple of apartment managers came to do their annual safety inspection and as we chatted while they worked, one of them asked if I had seen Patty’s apartment because it’s “gorgeous.” I couldn’t help but register the emphatic “gorgeous.”

The last time our apartment was inspected, I was complimented on how “beautiful” mine was, not just once, but several times! This time, in our new apartment, into which I had put a lot more effort, there was nothing. Oh, it was mentioned that it was nice. I suppose in their rounds they see a lot of places that aren’t exactly nice. But it wasn’t described as “gorgeous.”

Ever since they left, it’s been niggling at me. What does Patty’s apartment look like? Why is her’s so gooorgeous? I texted her to see if I could come over. I need to see her apartment and see what she’s done over there! Hearing she was on vacation gave me disappointed pause. In the silence, I heard:


“Yes, Lord?”

“Is that envy?”

“No, Lord! I just want to see what she’s done because I might want to do mine the same, that’s all?”

“Why do you think you might want to do yours the same? Are you unhappy with how you’ve done yours now?”

“No. Well, maybe. Maybe mine could be better!”

“For what purpose?”

“I want mine to be goooorgeous too.”

“You thought it was gorgeous before this morning. Think about all the hard work you did yesterday changing all those curtains around to make your home look so beautiful. Do you think maybe you’re just a bit upset because they didn’t recognize your knack for making a rented space a home?”

“I suppose I am, Lord. Why do I do that? I like what we’ve got, but . . . nothing . . . never mind.”


“Yes, Lord”

“Betty, you do you, and let Patty do Patty. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks, Lord. I feel better after our chat.”

“You’re welcome. And I’m here. Any time.”



“I love you.”

I truly did feel better after my chat with Father. We often have those kinds of chats about something or other during the day.

I went to get a yogurt treat out of the freezer shortly after our talk and I noticed that we needed more. I decided to hop in the car and go get some and post a letter that had been sitting on my desk waiting to be mailed. As I left the apartment and traveled toward town, I passed a pickup on the side of the road. Just beyond the pickup was a young couple walking along quite briskly. Instinctively, I pulled over and rolled down my window. As they approached, I used my thumb to motion back to the truck and asked if they had just run out of gas. The gentleman responded,

“Oh, no, Ma’am! We’re just going for a stroll!” This precious couple bent down to make eye contact and their broad, beautiful smiles melted my heart. Those smiles were worth all the “gorgeous” in the world! I waved okay and heard their thank-you’s as I pulled away. And suddenly my heart began to dance! It was like the whole world lit up in the dusk of the evening with beautiful colors and vibrant joy!

“This is what God does!” I thought. This is how God’s love absolutely covers a multitude of sins. Or, just one! God set this up! God did this - for me!! This is how God turns our sorrow into joy!

God’s spirit filled me and I was overcome by the blessing of it all and the sheer joy of those beautiful smiles!

I’m sure my step was lighter, my countenance brighter as I did the quick errands I wanted to get done.

Back at home, I bounded up the stairs to our apartment and was delighted at the homey feeling I had as I walked through the door. Our home is gorgeous!

I’d still like to see Patty’s apartment. I’d still like to see what she’s done to her place. Now, though, there is no envy. There is no striving. There truly isn’t! It’s gone! I couldn’t get it back if I tried! It’s as far as east is from west!


“Yes, my daughter.”

“I love You.”

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