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Transition and Intermission

Transition and Intermission The final month of 2020 flew by with planning for the holidays, writing Christmas correspondence, and celebrating family events.

On December 19, our grandson, Jamie, married his sweetheart, Jocelynn in the midst of changing pandemic rules. They were required in a short space of time, to rehome their ceremony and reception. They did it with grace and we were able to attend via live-stream their beautiful wedding and the start of what we pray will be a long and happy marriage.

As Christmas approached, the stockings were hung in the closet with care. Soon, gifts filled the space under the table where our little ceramic Christmas tree stood alight with bright red mini-lights on a white tree. Since we planned on being in an RV for Christmas 2020, there were just a few Christmasy things we allowed ourselves to include. We enjoyed Christmas with Ron's two daughters this year. Our youngest daughter came with her significant other on Christmas eve and our oldest arrived the day after Christmas which also happens to be her birthday so we had a double celebration but kept them separated by a meal because those dear Christmas babies never really get to have a "real" birthday, right?! Our first visitor of 2021 was Ron's sister, Laura. She came for a quick visit but it was filled with chatter and laughter and picture-taking. Laura is a successful realtor here in Minnesota and an involved community leader in theatre and the arts. We are proud she is our sister! While I am fully retired, I don't miss the occasional opportunity to preach. I pinch-hit for my sister's vacation leading worship and preaching for her on January 3rd and 10th. It was a real honor to speak to the folks at Truro Heights United Baptist Church on the first Sunday in 2021 as we considered faith and the future. You can view the sermon here. And on January 10th, it was my privilege again to share a simple message entitled, "What's So Special About Jesus?" You can see it here. Even though 2021 has begun with a rise in covid cases for most areas in the US and Canada, we are grateful for God's blessings as well as the promise of an effective vaccine. Ron and I still talk about full-time RVing and we are hoping that the borders will be open at least by August so we can head out on our next big adventure whether it's just a two-week vacation, or another try at retiring in a camper!

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