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The Ultimate Request

The whole crowd was yelling at the two blind men trying to keep them quiet, but the men shouted even louder. They knew they had to be heard at all costs. This was their only chance. The reason for the crowd was the healer in town. The men were afraid he would keep walking at his brisk pace and not hear them above the roar of the multitude.

Then suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks. He turned in their direction and called out to them, “What do you want me to do for you?”

“Lord,” they said, “we want to see!”

They had no sooner shouted out their response to Jesus, when their eyes were opened and their vision was clear.

Imagine the hush that fell over the crowd that day and Jesus, like he so often did in the midst of a huge crowd, took special notice of two blind men longing to see. There is such beauty in this story. First, Jesus takes the time to stop. Second, he asks the men what it is that they want. Third, he grants their request immediately.

On the part of the blind men there is beauty as well. First, they pursue Jesus. Second, they have to shout louder than the crowd that was trying to drown out their voices. Third, they simply ask the Lord for what they want - no flowery speeches or deep theology. Just, “Lord, we want to see.”

When we try to pursue Jesus for whatever reason, we will no doubt get our efforts hampered in one way or another by the crowd. Sometimes it is the crowd that is following Jesus that tries to still our voice or change our direction and yet we know that God has called us to this specific mission. We need to shout above the crowd, move away from dessenting voices, to get to the place where Jesus hears us. And he always will hear us.

Then we can ask Jesus in a simple way, for exactly what we need. This request of the blind men is the ultimate request for every Christian this side of heaven, whether a new believer or one who has walked with God for many years. “Lord, we want to see.”

Now, more than ever, in our culture today, Christ followers need to lift their voices above the crowd with an urgent petition, an ultimate request, for God to open our eyes so that we may see.


Lord, open our eyes that we may see your truth, your love, your grace, and your mercy. In Jesus name and for your glory. Amen.

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