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The Discipline of Devotions

A few weeks ago I wrote a two-part blog called, “The Trouble with Devotions.” Today I want to suggest that while there are pitfalls to the traditional idea of daily devotions, there is also immeasurable benefit in maintaining a supple discipline of setting aside time daily to be with the Master. David’s psalm 5, verse 3 tells us that the Lord hears David’s voice in the morning. In the morning, David petitions the Lord with his requests and then waits expectantly for the Lord’s response. Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline includes the components of what most of us consider “daily devotions.” In cultivating the soil of our inner life, the externals find their rightful place, and are thus kept from occupying those places where only God belongs.

D Elton Trueblood wrote the forward for the 3rd edition of Celebration of Discipline, 20 years after its initial publication. He says this:

The greatest problems of our time are not technological, for these we handle fairly well. They are not even political or economic, because the difficulties in these areas, glaring as they may be, are largely derivative. The greatest problems are moral and spiritual, and unless we can make some progress in these realms, we may not even survive.

Last week, Hubby was in the kitchen making his lunch for work. As is his usual practice, he had music playing on the radio, and he was gyrating to the music while he worked. My usual practice is to stay out of the kitchen! This particular morning, however, I walked into the room. I smiled at this man who brings such joy into my life every day, and in an instant he had me in his arms twirling me across the kitchen floor in time to the music. It was a beautifully spontaneous expression of his love erupting in a moment of time that is etched in my memory not soon to be forgotten. If I had not walked into the room, our love would not have been less, but I would have missed the dance. That moment would have been lost forever.

In much the same way, when we don’t take time to walk into God’s presence regularly, we may miss some of the most joyous moments of communion we will ever know this side of heaven. When we take time to meet with Jesus, we find that he has written his name on our dance card, and he is expectantly waiting to twirl us across a spiritual dance floor that offers us joy unspeakable and filled with his glory!

Trusting God will surprise you with a spontaneous outburst of his love for you this very day!

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