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I pushed back in my chair to rest until hubby arrived home from his late work shift. The guitar music quietly played, soothing my restless thoughts, 10000 Reasons, Open the Eyes of My Heart, Here I Am To Worship. As the music played, faces slowly drifted along the sea of my thoughts and faded into the moorings of my memory. I prayed for each one. A few I hadn’t thought about for months, but all were people I consider friends. For some, I knew exactly how to pray, what to ask for on their behalf. For others, a prayer of thanks that these beautiful souls had crossed my path was the gift of petition I offered to the Lord.

A sweet sense of peace settled into my spirit. The weariness of the day’s end gave way to a refreshing drink of life-giving water for my soul. Sweet communion. Remembering friends before the Lord. The blessed realization of relationships near and far, close and not-so-close. Forever friends and fleeting friends. The silent joy that knows no limit as we rest in Him and the power of His love.

Taking the time to be with Jesus is the sweetest time on earth. Having that time interrupted by a tired, boisterous hubby arriving home full of work stories and questions he’s been thinking about during the day, is the second sweetest. While we who believe in Jesus are pilgrims on this earth, just passing through, our time here is precious and purposeful.

And so today, I learned in a whole new way from a new friend, who has already celebrated her 100th birthday, that Spirit-filled moments, earth moments, and every moment in between is a gift from our loving heavenly Father, until in the end, all that is left of this life, is the moments that count for eternity. She’s still making them, and I’m still learning.


Father, thank you for the gift of moments. Help us to turn our time on this earth, into eternal moments by reflecting your love and grace to those around us, which we can only do well when we spend precious time with you. All for your glory, Lord. Amen.

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