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There are 43,200 minutes in 30 days. Today, after an amazing visit lasting 43,200 moments with my beautiful sister, I drove her to the airport where we gave one another a quick, tight hug, packed with love and meaning, after which she headed through security and I watched for a moment through the glass partition. She looked back. I waved. I threw her a kiss. She did the same and we turned our backs to each other; she headed to her gate while I headed to my car.

Writing that just now was harder than the moment it happened. Now, I’m home. Now, the house feels empty without her here. And now, my eyes are moist knowing she will land soon at her home airport 2200 miles away and I won’t see her again for several months. Despite the emotion attached to our departure and my reflection, we made every moment together count. I am thankful for the nice long visit. I’m thankful for her husband who encouraged her to take the time away. He knew we both needed it. And I’m thankful for my husband who supported our visit, kept us laughing, and put up with our sisterly shinnanigans. I’m also thankful that the four of us share a heavenly Father who gives us such beautiful gifts as these.

We have this moment to hold in our hands

And to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand

Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come

But we have this moment today.

(Bill & Gloria Gaither)


Thank you, Father, for precious family times. Please, may your Holy Spirit comfort those who are missing family members today. Help us who have family near and far to appreciate the moments you give us together and make every one of them count. In Jesus’ name, and for your glory. Amen.

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