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Finding Treasure

The title of the picture folder surprised me. Why had I saved such a folder to my external hard drive when it likely would have had no interest to me. I clicked on the Satchel Purse folder and was transported to the time I desperately wanted the little green embossed doctor bag style purse that now was a distant memory. As I looked at the little purse, I wondered why I didn’t have it anymore since it appealed to me and I was attracted by its fine embossing, the roominess yet compact size, and its color. It kind of looked like me. I searched through my on-line orders to see where I had purchased it. I think I might like to have it again. But why did I get rid of it in the first place, I pondered? I couldn’t find it in my orders, so I did a search and found it for more money than I would have been willing to pay for it originally, I’m sure. Oh how I wanted that purse!

After a good half hour of considering the purchase and putting it in my online cart, I heard a still small voice telling me that I really didn’t need it and there was certainly a reason why I had let it go or it would still be gracing the shelf in my closet, or the entry table where it would be currently in use. I couldn’t think of why I wouldn’t have kept such a cute treasure, something that I surely had loved so much! But it seemed I was being asked to trust the reason to my Father’s care and keeping, and to the facts that were clearly before me.

“Help me, Jesus, to be wise!”

I opened my eyes and looked once more at the cute little purse now in my shopping cart. With very little effort, but a sense of disappointment, I “x’ed” out of the website’s page. The momentary delight of knowing I would get something I wanted and had once enjoyed, dissolved into the costlier treasure of joy unspeakable and full of glory. It was not my glory. It was the glory of knowing Jesus provides for my needs and that a quick but heartfelt prayer is often answered the moment we breathe it from our heart and mind. Peace enveloped me. In fact, I felt free!

Not all temptations are meant to lead us into sinfulness. I’m convinced some temptations are simply set before us to lead us into a lifestyle that is not God’s best. They are sent by the Tempter to overshadow our zeal for righteousness, leading us into mediocrity and the devil will always take the time to rock the cradle of a sleepy Christian.

Righteousness, or “right living” is not about what we can get away with and still be a Christian, but about leaning into God’s very best for us and desiring only that. Sometimes, that means saying no to something that seems so incidental, like a (what would you put in here?), and trusting your soul’s satisfaction to your Savior and King.


Father, please help us to always desire your very best. Not my will, but thine be done. In Jesus name, and for your glory. Amen.

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