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Beer and a Bloodbath

Bud Light suffered a bloodbath this past weekend according to Kerry Byrne of Fox News. He said that “the nation’s top-selling beer brand stepped “recklessly” into the culture wars last week with its new spokesperson, transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney . . .”

It’s not lost on me that this story did not become newsworthy until a significant drop in sales of the brew occurred during Easter weekend amidst a backlash of so-called redneck right-wing objectors. According to Mat Delaney of the Washington times, “Beer Business Daily did point out that Easter weekend may have affected some consumer behaviors, but the (sales) data still wasn’t encouraging.”

Two questions come to mind.

1. Should Christians be concerned about culture wars?

2. Where are Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima?

Here’s my point. According to newscasts, Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima brands were both dissed from product advertising because they were characterized as racial stereotypes. So it’s not okay to use a black man or woman to market a product if it even hints at normalizing a stereotype. But it is okay to market a product using a white man or woman aimed at normalizing blatant godless behavior.

Should Christians be concerned about culture wars? That was a rhetorical question really. As long as Christians continue to (as one Facebook poster put it) hunker down and hope that the worst will soon be over and pray for Jesus to return quickly, the culture wars will continue, people will be hopeless, and Satan will continue to win the battles of sexual perversion and woke ideology.

On the other hand, while Beer Business Daily points out that Easter weekend may have affected some consumer behaviors, my prayer is that Easter weekend will have affected a whole lot more consumer behaviors than simply conspicuous consumption, regardless of who is on the label. It wasn’t just Bud Light sales that took a blood bath on Easter weekend. I almost hate to put it in the same paragraph, but here goes. Jesus, my Savior, went through the most horrific blood bath ever experienced by any person. He did it so he could offer salvation to Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, Dylan Mulvaney, and Betty Johnson, for free. He did it to normalize grace, mercy, hope and love within the family of God. He did it so Christians would get involved in culture wars without fear, because the victory has been won. We have something a whole lot better to offer the Dylans of this world than changing our God-given biological status. Jesus died so Christians can speak the truth in love. He took the blood bath so Christians can speak the truth and still go on loving. He did it so we could be washed in the blood, not crucified by it.

[Verse 3]

You took my place

Laid inside my tomb of sin

You were buried for three days

But then You walked right out again

And now death has no sting

And life has no end

For I have been transformed

By the blood of the Lamb

Thank You, Jesus

For the blood applied

Thank You, Jesus

It has washed mе white

Thank You, Jesus

You have savеd my life

Brought me from the darkness

Into glorious light

(Charity Gayle)

Prayer: Holy Spirit, ignite our souls with a burning passion to live like Jesus. Amen.

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