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A Whirlwind Month for Us!

It's hard to believe a month has flown by already since Ron and I decided we would store the camper at least for this winter and see what happens in the Spring as far as travel and winter location. Ron was quickly accepted at the job he applied for and today he completes his first week of three weeks of training. It's too early to tell if he will like it or not but he admits that it's a great job to have, people are all very friendly, and the training is, well, so far so good!

We landed a beautiful two-bedroom apartment not far from Ron's work, and we have been furnishing and decorating keeping minimalism in mind. It's been interesting moving from an RV with just a small cargo trailer for storage of keepsake items, into what now seems like a huge apartment. It's hard to believe we previously filled a five-bedroom home!

When Ron started work this week, it was hard for me to say goodbye after spending over two months together, doing things every day, and just enjoying life in one another's company 24/7. Before we left the camper life, we spent a day at Itasca State Park to enjoy the sights and sounds. It was wonderful to feel somewhat normal again, with people milling about, smiling, chatting, laughing, and enjoying God's Fall explosion of color! For pictures of our day at Itasca, see the Gallery. I'm adjusting now to my free time at home and looking forward to getting my writing off the back burner, adding features and pizzazz to my website, and doing some knitting for Christmas this year. God has been good and we are both looking forward to what our next adventure will be. The questions remain: Will we enjoy apartment living and Ron enjoy his new job so much that we decide to stay put for a few years (you know it won't be too many!), or will we miss being together so much that we sell everything again and head out on the open road. We don't know the answer but we trust in the One who does! Leaving you with a quote from a dear friend of mine: If what you believe makes no difference, it makes no difference what you believe. Betty

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