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And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people” (Luke 2:10 ESV).

What brings you joy?

This past Sunday my heart was bursting with joy as I watched for the first time in several years, a Sunday School Christmas program with participants aged from toddler to senior.

At times I giggled a bit at the chaos that always comes with any Christmas program involving children and I thought that God must be smiling as well, as adults did their best to lovingly coral the wayward activeness of a few of the little ones. I smiled at their patience and perseverance.

There where times when my spirit two-stepped at the dedication of the older young people willing to participate with the little ones in the heavenly spectacle. These teens seemed to be having such fun and really enjoying themselves while also providing a meaningful presentation of the coming of the Christ-child. What kind of a church do you need to be in order to engage older teens enthusiastically?

At times during the program, as I witnessed unrestrained wiggling bodies and fidgeting shirttails, I fought to restrain my leaky eyes and quivering lips. All of the emotion of the joy of precious little children presenting to a crowd full of adults, the timeless, and costly message of the Christ-child, welled up inside of me as if Jesus himself had come that very morning and taken a seat beside me in the pew. Because He did, through them.

How is it that the joy of Jesus can, in a single moment, have us giggle at something we think would tickle his fancy, and send a whisper of reverence through our being at the awesome presence of the Savior of the world? This is the power of joy. This is the completeness of joy. This is the good news of great joy which is for all people. This is the Joy of Jesus.

Wishing you the Joy of Jesus this season.


Father, thank you that regardless of our outward circumstances, we can have joy. Thank you for the message of the angels. A message which disregards age, race, gender, social and religious status to offer joy to “all people.” Teach us to know that our joy will never be complete until we find our joy in loving and serving you.

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