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As a young child, Betty collected and wrote poetry. At the age of 14, in her grade 10 English class, her submitted assignment of a short poem was, much to her surprise, read by the teacher before the entire class. Poems were most often how she expressed herself to her family and friends. A collection of many of her poems including the one read by her English teacher, make up her first indie published book, "If I Had Known: Family Poetry."  You can follow Betty at Amazon here.

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If I Had Known


All of life has rhythm and rhyme! From very simple to sophisticated, this book of family poetry touches on the joyful, sometimes humorous moments of life with basic rhythm and rhyme. The more difficult times of loss and its resulting sorrow and sadness are written from the inside view of a family. Several of the poems are illustrated with the author's own photos.​

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With Genuine Christian Love


A small treatise with a huge message! ​

Very little has been written about the Jews during the period of the Reformation. Most people will have heard of Luther's Ninety-five Theses and will exalt him as the hero of the Reformation, which indeed, he was. It is less likely that they will know about his vitriolic outbursts toward the Jews and other non-conforming communities of his day. This book explores the significant ways in which the Protestant Reformation influenced the Jewish way of life.

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S.O.A.P for Everyone


Devotional and Resource!​

Enjoy reflections on the entire New Testament written by participants of the nationwide Bible Reading and Journaling Challenge of the Wesleyan Church of Canada. This comprehensive Bible Reading Challenge can be used as an introduction to the New Testament or as an in-depth journaling experience for those who want to dig deeper into God's word. Read the daily scripture passage with its accompanying reflections as a source of encouragement and hope from pastors, members, and friends of the Wesleyan Church of Canada. Take up the challenge and pen your thoughts as you personally reflect on the daily Bible readings in your own personal journal. Regardless of the method you use, you will be encouraged, challenged and inspired as you dig into God's word every day!

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Coming Soon! Where He Leads: How Jesus Makes Crooked Paths Straight

What happens when a follower of Jesus makes life-altering bad choices? Whether from ignorance, misinformation, or a rebellious spirit, God’s children often wander away from his presence only to find themselves on a road with twists and turns that leave them lost and confused. A person can take a lot of detours and still be following Jesus. Unless you deliberately turn around, go back to where you made the choice to follow Jesus, and reject that choice in favor of the broad and wide road, then you are eternally secure. The nice thing about following Jesus on the road that he talks about in Matthew 7, is that no matter how far you wander, if you are willing, you can find your way back. It’s not easy, but then neither is the path.


This book reveals some of the many detours, twists, and turns we take while we are trying to follow Jesus where he leads. You will, without a doubt, find yourself in the pages of this book. And you will be encouraged to discover that whether good, bad, or indifferent, the choices you have made will always be fashioned into a beautiful masterpiece of love and grace as you learn to trust in the Lord with all your heart, not lean on your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all your ways, as he makes the path straight before you.